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April 23rd, 2017    

Don’t Assume My Jinder

On this weeks special ROADTRIP edition we talk Remix Pro Wrestling, Raw, Smackdown, Jinder Mahal, and wrestling conspiracy theories from the open road late at night.  Plus we almost died so that's pretty entertaining, right?


April 18th, 2017    


Tonight the PIW Show crew went to RAW in Columbus, Ohio!  What an incredible show.  Hear our opinions on the show from top to bottom.  Braun Strowman on the rampage, some really good matches, Miz and Dean with a great encounter, Drifter makes the list, the Queen Alexa Bliss wins in her hometown, and BRAUN AND BIG SHOW DESTROY EVERYTHING!  Plus we review the superstar shakeup, who won who lost, who should have gone where?


April 10th, 2017    

Shake, Shake, Shake, Senora, Shake Your Roster Time

This week we're talking the upcoming roster shake up, the NXT call ups, El Patron's rant, JR coming back to WWE, Mauro Ranallo leaving WWE, and is JBL in the closet?!  Plus a special introduction from MEEEEEEAN GENE, WOOOOOO!


April 3rd, 2017    

The Ultimate Thrill Ride

This week we go over all of Wrestlemania, match by match.  The new champions, the Hardys return, the Hall of Fame, NXT, who's getting called up, the marriage proposal, Goldberg's last match, Roman as a heel, and of course the last mach of The Undertaker.


March 23rd, 2017    

Turn The Paige

This week we look at the recent leaks from world of wrestling, disects the latest episode of Bring it to the Table, the latest movie reviews, and the Power Rankings of Wrestlemania matches Eddy is most excited for.


March 7th, 2017    

Car Wreck In The Fast Lane On The Road To #Wrestlemania

Bonus episode where Eddy takes a good hard look at WWE Fastlane.  Was it good or a really awful show?  I look at the really awful ending to the women's match and why WWE is better off not using all these part time guys.


March 5th, 2017    

The Bad Hombres Of Impact Wrestling

This week we look at the massive departures and additions to Impact Wrestling.  We play the toughest match of Jim vs. Jimmy, and we take a look back at the one of the most important Wrestlemania's of all time, Wrestlemania 14.


February 27th, 2017    

Origin Of Goldberg

We're back and this week we look back at a Nitro from September of 97 where an unknown by the name of Bill Goldberg made his WCW Nitro debut.  In addition to the Nitro we discuss the Paige movie, we review a slew of other movies, the current Wrestlemania card, and how the cruiserweights of Nitro in 97 compared with the ones of toay.


February 15th, 2017    

Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

This week Eddy is joined by Mud and Riddle of the Mundane Nights Podcast for a review of RAW and Nitro from November 25, 1996.  It's the night Buff Bagwell joins the nWo, and the RAW in-ring debuts of The Rock and the Executioner.  We also go over the ROH Experience Show in Columbus and touch on the World War 3 1996 PPV.


February 5th, 2017    

The Xtra Fun League

Big topics this week.  Eddy goes solo as he talks about the rumored Wrestlemania matches, the debut of Samoa Joe, the Seth Rollins inury, and he goes Monday morning QB on the XFL with a review of the ESPN special, "This Was The XFL."  How well did the show document what happened?  Why did the XFL fail?  Could it have worked?  And did you know there were no fair catches in the XFL?


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