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The Politically Incorrect Wrestling Show. No Holds Barred Talk on Pro-Wrestling.

February 17th, 2018    


Hear our road trip podcast as we recorded our thoughts on the Dayton wrestling show driving from Dayton back to Columbus.  Hear about how Cage is awesome, Naito, why we're now a Clayton Gainz podcast, Lucha underground news, and Sami Callihan took our seat!


February 13th, 2018    

The Top 5 Moments The McPeople Family Were Not Woke

This episode is hosted by the wokest podcast host around, Eddy's alter ego, Edward T. Woke.  Edward explains how the women's revolution is just WWE making up for their own previous failures and highights the 5 worst times WWE exploited women.  This episode is unlike any podcast you'll have ever heard.


January 23rd, 2018    

Top 10 Bottom 5 #RAW Moments

Eddy and Mr. Vee have their top 10 and bottom 5 moments in the 25 year history of Monday Night RAW.  Plus the first ever Wrestling Fake News Awards!


January 15th, 2018    

Undertaker Has No Friends

Please welcome the podcast debut of Mister Vee who drops a big time history lesson on everyone.  We're also talking Paige's WWE career being over, Undertaker vs. Cena at Mania, new WWE signings, Impact news and notes, and Royal Rumble 94.  A rumble which features a great angle involving the Hart brothers, a bad angle involving the Undertaker dying then coming back to life (I guess), tons of French Canadians, a controversial finish, and hear why Tenryu pissed Eddy off so much.


January 9th, 2018    


Wrestle Kingdom 12 talk!  How good was it and where does New Japan go from here?


December 24th, 2017    

Politically Incorrect Christmas, Year End Awards!

In perhaps our most politically incorrect episode yet (blame it on the alocohol), we're joined by comedian Eli Sairs, to discuss the best (and worst) of 2017!  Spoiler alert, Jinder wins a lot of the, "'Worst of" awards.  Plus our favorite moments of 2017 and some predictions for 2018.


December 19th, 2017    

Scott Hall Electrifies Starrcade 98

A HUGE show!  The WWE Mixed Match Challenge, Vince restarting the XFL, WWE Clash of Champions, WCW Starrcade 98, and a Star Wars review.


November 21st, 2017    

Is WWE Becoming WCW?

This week is all about Survivor Series weekend.  The NXT War Games show, the title changes, hear Eddy's idea for sending McIntyre and Black to the main roster, Survivor Series, AJ vs. Lesnar, WWE's overuse of nostalgia, and is the way they book the main event looking more and more like WCW?


November 15th, 2017    

Survivor Series Build Up

In the 99th episode, the news topics are: Lucha Underground returning for a 4th season, WWE India troubles, Stephanie McMahon is a bad character, thoughts on the final RAW and SD Live before Survivor Series, and the 64 theme song tournament bracket is revealed for episode 100!


November 13th, 2017    


Did you enjoy 11-7 the first ever WrestleChristmas?  The Million Dollar Man movie, AJ Styles beats Jinder for the WWE title, and the Ric Flair special.  What a great day!  Plus Jericho returning to New Japan, the weird saga of Zayn and Owens, and is Shane McMahon turning heel?


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